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May 122014

discriminationHostile Work Environment.  Retaliation.  Disparate Treatment.  Charges may stand against KB Home the U.S. District Court in Texas has ruled. In this discrimination lawsuit, African American sales personnel say they had to work twice as hard as white counterparts and still made less money.  “Plaintiffs allege that KB Home employees told  them they were assigned to the lower income communities because they “did not fit the demographic’” of the higher income communities.  kbhomediscriminationsuit

May 012014

KBLEMONKB Home is on a roll – building in over forty locations in Florida.  Meanwhile, houses continue to leak and re-leak all over the state.  Florida consumers seem to be on their own, holding the bag for defective structures, loss of value, stigma.  It’s a nightmare of epic proportions.  State Agencies keep passing the buck.  KB Homes Suck?  No!  You Suck on Some Lemons – Mr. Consumer.    read more…

Apr 012014

gavelAnother Employee suit filed in North Carolina, Davis claimed he was fired for reporting numerous infractions by KB Home employees, including various managers’ demeaning and harassing conduct toward female employees as well as numerous fraudulent and unethical financial transactions in violation of the civil and criminal laws of South Carolina.”  read suit on Justia

Mar 192014

opmKB Home sold $400 Million in bonds.  This represented almost 1/3 of their cap rate (1.46 Billion).  Why would KB Home borrow so much in a declining market?  Even KB admits they have a substantial amount of debt compared to  their net worth.  In the past, an involuntary bankruptcy was filed against  a KB consortium by Chase.  Will KB’s CEO pad his own pockets like he did in the past downturns with double digit million dollar bonuses as the company tanks?   Read more…..

Jan 282014

Pam Bondi has other fish to fry – protecting consumers is not high on her list of priorities.    Bondi’s priorities? Fighting Affordable Health Care (and here),  Stopping Gay Marriage, Cozying up to Lobbyists Bearing Gifts (NYT), Advocating for Pollutersof the Chesapeake Bay (in Maryland!), Advocating for Teenage Gun Rights, Making sure the big banks never get fully investigated or pay for their crimes.

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Jan 162014

2peasinapod2 Peas in a Pod!  Is this why the Attorney General’s investigation of KB Home just drags on and on and on?  Attorney General (Pay for Play Pam as she’s been called) florida-home-builders-endorse-pam-bondi-for-attorney-general-pam-bondi-for-attorney-general for re-election. pam-bondi-endorsed-by-latin-builders-association.    pam-bondi-builder-donations      Rick Scott Endorsed by the Florida Commercial Contractors.

Jan 142014

Link Q&A  Attorney General

Who do I contact to inquire about repairs to my house?

  •  For homeowners in the Tampa area, you may call KB HOME at 813-387-9600 or send an email to TampaClaims@kbhome.com
  •  For homeowners in the Orlando area, you may call KB HOME at 1-800-305-2246 or send an email to OrlandoCustomerService@kbhome.com
  •  For homeowners in the Jacksonville area, you may call KB HOME at 904-596-6690 or send an email to kbjaxcustserv@kbhome.com
  •  If your home is located outside of these regions, contact the closest region above for repairs.
  • If you disagree with KB HOME’s assessment of your eligibility for repairs under the Final Judgment or the extent of the repairs, then you may contact Bonded Builders at 866-323-6170 or KBHClaims@BondedBuilders.com
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Dec 162013


Attorney General Pam Bondi’s settlement with KB Home seems more show than real help for homeowners.  It’s hidden on her website. What claims are not covered? Most.  Half the houses in my neighborhood are excluded by an arbitrary cutoff date. Homeowners’ associations or a condominiums that are represented by counsel are excluded.  The settlement covers nothing but  wide cracks.  None of the underlying defects are addressed and personal knowledge shows they are refusing repairs – again.    This was written for & I think believe by KB Home.      1.  Settlement – KB Decree & Judgment     2. Q&A – KB+FAQ   3. Complaint  KB+Home+Complaint  4. Release    General+Waiver+and+Release+KB  5. Press Release   KB Home AG Settlement Press Release  

Oct 182013

shhh Shh! Too late! Someone has let the cat out of the bag and lawsuits are springing up all over the place.  Finally a way out of the black hole of arbitration and Florida “Right to Cure Law”!  Homeowners suing for fraud & inducement, whistle blowers telling all they know, and KB Home is swinging back, at homeowners, subcontractors..read more

Oct 092013

    heaernoevil            DBPR – SEES NO EVIL?  The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is the state licensing agency for the construction industry.  With hundreds of complaints, two whistle blowers, missing hurricane straps, and life threatening dangerous defects , the DBPR still can’t find “probable cause” to take action against KB Home! read more..

Oct 092013

U.S. CONGRESSMAN, BILL POSEY,   contacted the Criminal Division of the poseyDepartment of Justice on behalf of a KB Home owner.   The DOJ sent the complaint to the Miami office of the FBI.  Anyone with complaints might want to forward their issues to the Miami Division of the FBI and reference this letter.  The FBI will not confirm an investigation. Congressman Posey to DOJ to FBI

Sep 152013

bad“Production” Building at the lowest bid is bound to result in problems.  It came back to bite KB Homes.  Builder Magazine (06/28/2013) looks at KB Home’s building practices that led to thousands of leaking and defective homes in Florida and nationwide.   Builder Magazine: Construction Defects Rob KB Home of Profit & another story in as-construction-accelerates-will-defects-follow