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Feb 282018

                                                                                                                                                                          This is a “repaired” KB Home.  I literally collect hundreds of gallons of water in buckets.  You choke from the mold.  The whole house is cracking and full of water.  KB Home did not provide drainage for the walls when they repaired it – exactly like they did with the original construction.  Are they morons???   Cheap??  Yes.  They just do not give a damn about much.  SEE PICTURES OF A REPAIRED HOUSE

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Feb 062018

Did KB Home use floor tiles for the exterior of these expensive houses!?  Did they have a warehouse full of discontinued tile and didn’t know what to do with them – so they stuck them on the outside of a house?  We’re going to sue the subcontractors for all the defects in your new million dollar home, KB Home tells owners.  That may be true.  So what?  KB Home is suing subcontractors in 46 Florida subdivisions.  For whose benefit?  My house still leaks like a sieve after being supposedly fixed.    (San Jose million dollar houses built as bad as the rest of us).

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Feb 022018

Owners in Orlando learned their KB Home houses were not waterproof after tropical storm winds gusted in Orlando. Same old story.  KB Home’s answer?  We’re suing the stucco contractor.  They sure are.  But for whose benefit?   They sued in Vero Beach & owners still got cheap patches and houses the kept leaking.  KB Home – ruining lives all over the state.

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Dec 132016

dream houseYour dream home. KB Home uses slick marketing slogans, and fancy model homes to lure in buyers.  They tell you there is quality at every step of the building process, and their good name, and  valuable reputation stand behind their product. But who really builds this home, and why are there so many KB Home complaints all over the country? read more…

Dec 122016

whistleblower Houses  Built with “Life -Threatening Defects!”  KB Home knew and sold them anyway!.  Full whistle blower suit.  The Good part starts around page eight. (why’d it take so long for this information to leak?)   Read suit:   o’neill whistle blower   See yourself why there are so many KB Home complaints.Video: Whistle Blower Attorney – Life Threatening Dangerous!

Dec 112016

Collapsed BbalconyEERILY SIMILAR TO KB HOME CONDOS. KB HOME KNEW THEIR BALCONIES WERE DEFECTIVE WHEN THEY SOLD THEM according to a whistle blower lawsuit.  They colloapsed – Just like this balcony in California where six Irish teenagers were killed and seven were critically injured. Fortunately No one died in the KB Home condos –  but isn’t it just a matter of time?  Are builders and government regulators playing Russian Roulette with our lives? Read more…

Dec 102016

KB Home walls dangerousHow could the building department not notice every single hurricane strap was missing?  How could the general contractor for KB Home not know?  News 8 in Tampa does an excellent investigation. When every exterior wall was missing crucial fasteners – why has no one made KB Home inspect all structural walls in a 3-story condominium? watch video…

Nov 172016

1992 Hurricane AndrewHere’s what wind can do to a poorly built house in a hurricane.   KB Home defects are eerily similar to the defects found in these incorrectly built homes that were devastated in Hurricane Andrew – far from highest wind.  When it was discovered the builder was at fault, insurance wouldn’t pay. The same could happen in a KB Home built wrong.  Financial ruin. Read more

Sep 012016

bbbf The Orlando Better Business Bureau revoked the accreditation of KB Home after giving them an “F” rating.  Their nationwide accreditation was also revoked. Consumer complaints of leaking, defective, dangerous homes, led them to take this action.     WFLA Tampa reports   BBB WFLA report

Atlanta  and Los Angeles also rated KB Home an “F”.  To read more about the BBB,  read more…

Jul 302016

demolisionkbhome San Antonio, Texas.  Defective KB homes to be demolished as part of a $20 million dollar settlement. San Antonio Housing Authority fought with KB Home for almost a decade over houses that were poorly constructed with cheap materials.  The houses failed to meet minimal standards, the property was on an old landfill,  read more….

Jun 242016

slabcrackCalifornia –  Owners in this Lathrop community had cracks in the slabs and walls. One owner was so tired of KB Home’s unsuccessful repairs that he created several websites to showcase his San Joaquin home.  He has a massive slab crack that appears to need major construction to repair.  His site is gone.  But see  California Slab Cracks.         North Carolina –  This owner was so frustrated she contacted WCNC NBC in Charlotte (here).  Her crack ran the length of the house and KB Home offered to caulk it (!), but then even reneged on that. CRACK LENGTH OF HOUSE

May 012016

plumbing leakKB Home Buyers BEWARE!   We have a new report from one of our readers.  Their KB Home house has NIBCO PEX Plumbing.  I read a little about this product and it looks like it could be the next Chinese Drywall (also used by KB Home). This potential new plumbing nightmare is in addition to all the other plumbing problems we’ve heard of.  Read more….

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Jan 222016

DAVIDGOLIATHKB HOME – more powerful than the first amendment? Suit filed  in federal court to suppress homeowner’s free speech!   The KB Home website is drawing too much attention to leaking houses,  shoddy repairs, whistle blower suits.  see videoKB Home- Free Speech Suppression  read suitKB LAWSUIT  KB has charged conspiracy – “letter writing campaign!” Who knew that wasn’t legal?    SURPRISE! WEBSITE IS GONE!  

 Public Citizen,  the D.C. Consumer Advocacy Group, responded on behalf of TheKBHome.” You can’t sue someone for copyright infringement if they use your name, if the website is about you.  It is a violation of free speech.   ..video and more..

May 312015

Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi’s settlement with KB Home excludes 1/2 of  the Carriage Lake WPTV KB Home AG Settlementneighborhood with an arbitrary cutoff date – even though the Attorney General’s office knew that repairs to stucco were incorrect. Though the settlement sounds impressive, at $71 million, SEC filings indicated KB Home recouped $61 million from suing subcontractors and still has many lawsuits pending.  WPTV news….  

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Oct 032014

kb home ruined houseKB Homeowner protests. They lost 8 feet of their side yard & ended up with a wood fence stuck in front of their dining room window 28 inches from the wall.  KB Home sort of said, “Oops, we’ll throw you some compensation & look what you are stuck with!  Not a bad ploy to get their houses sold – but that’s KB Home!   KB Home comes under more fire in Roseville Herald Tribune 2015

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Jun 142014

 pambondisaFlorida Attorney General Investigates KB Home for deceptive practices.  In this video – Senator Mike Bennett calls on AG Bondi to investigate KB Home. Another story from WTSP print – Florida-Attorney-General-Pam-Bondi-investigating-KB-Home,  and in the next video State Rep.Mayfield talks as Complaints against KB Home continue to mount