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Who Really Builds Your KB Home?

dream houseYour dream home. KB Home uses slick marketing slogans, and fancy model homes to lure in buyers.  They tell you there is quality at every step of the building process, and their good name, and  valuable reputation stand behind their product. But who really builds this home, and why are there so many KB Home complaints all over the country? read more…

KB Home Contractors Supervised 50-60 Homes at a Time

wspstuccoWTSP 10 News Tampa reveals KB Home contractors supervised 50-60 homes at a time.  The results? Defective, leaking, dangerous, worthless houses.  Noah Pransky also asks who dropped the ball in Florida and what ever happened to Attorney General Pam Bondi’s investigation?



Pam Bondi has other fish to fry – protecting consumers is not high on her list of priorities.   Her orders come from a higher power (Rick Scott, Koch Brothers, Lobbyists, or maybe just her own brain).   Bondi’s priorities? Fighting Affordable Health Care (and here),  Stopping Gay Marriage, Cozying up to Lobbyists Bearing Gifts (NYT), Advocating for Polluters of the Chesapeake Bay (in Maryland!), Advocating for Teenage Gun Rights, Making sure the big banks never get fully investigated or pay for their crimes.

Balcony Collapses – Kills Six in Berkeley

Collapsed BbalconyKB HOME KNEW THEIR BALCONIES WERE DEFECTIVE WHEN THEY SOLD THEM according to a whistle blower lawsuit.  They colloapsed – Just like this balcony in California where six Irish teenagers were killed and seven were critically injured. Fortunately No one died in the KB Home condos –  but isn’t it just a matter of time?  Are builders and government regulators playing Russian Roulette with our lives? Read more…


Manatee Building Department botched inspections

KB Home walls dangerousHow could the building department not notice every single hurricane strap was missing?  How could the general contractor for KB Home not know?  News 8 in Tampa does an excellent investigation. When every exterior wall was missing crucial fasteners – why has no one made KB Home inspect all structural walls in a 3-story condominium? watch video…

Orlando BBB revokes KB Home accreditation

bbbf The Orlando Better Business Bureau revoked the accreditation of KB Home after giving them an “F” rating.  Their nationwide accreditation was also revoked. Consumer complaints of leaking, defective, dangerous homes, led them to take this action.     WFLA Tampa reports   BBB WFLA report

Atlanta  and Los Angeles also rated KB Home an “F”.  To read more about the BBB,  read more…

Defective KB Homes to be Demolished in Texas

demolisionkbhome San Antonio, Texas.  Defective KB homes to be demolished as part of a $20 million dollar settlement. San Antonio Housing Authority fought with KB Home for almost a decade over houses that were poorly constructed with cheap materials.  The houses failed to meet minimal standards, the property was on an old landfill,  read more….

KB Home Cracking Slabs, California, Charlotte

slabcrackCalifornia –  Owners in this Lathrop community had cracks in the slabs and walls. One owner was so tired of KB Home’s unsuccessful repairs that he created several websites to showcase his San Joaquin home.  He has a massive slab crack that appears to need major construction to repair.  His site is gone.  But see  California Slab Cracks.         North Carolina –  This owner was so frustrated she contacted WCNC NBC in Charlotte (here).  Her crack ran the length of the house and KB Home offered to caulk it (!), but then even reneged on that. CRACK LENGTH OF HOUSE

Contacts for Attorney General Florida Settlment

Link Q&A  Attorney General

Who do I contact to inquire about repairs to my house?

  •  For homeowners in the Tampa area, you may call KB HOME at 813-387-9600 or send an email to TampaClaims@kbhome.com
  •  For homeowners in the Orlando area, you may call KB HOME at 1-800-305-2246 or send an email to OrlandoCustomerService@kbhome.com
  •  For homeowners in the Jacksonville area, you may call KB HOME at 904-596-6690 or send an email to kbjaxcustserv@kbhome.com
  •  If your home is located outside of these regions, contact the closest region above for repairs.
  • If you disagree with KB HOME’s assessment of your eligibility for repairs under the Final Judgment or the extent of the repairs, then you may contact Bonded Builders at 866-323-6170 or KBHClaims@BondedBuilders.com

Attorney General Settlemet Close Up

kbhomeclBUYER BEWARE OF FLORIDA! Who Wins in the attorney general settlement with KB Home? You guessed it. The attorney general did not suspend time (toll) so warranties ran out, warranties that were not honored. The only thing the OAG of Florida did not give away to KB Home was a non-disparagement clause.  ag settlement inadequate 2

Warning! – New KB Home Plumbing Problems?

plumbing leakKB Home Buyers BEWARE!   We have a new report from one of our readers.  Their KB Home house has NIBCO PEX Plumbing.  I read a little about this product and it looks like it could be the next Chinese Drywall (also used by KB Home). This potential new plumbing nightmare is in addition to all the other plumbing problems we’ve heard of.  Read more….

Attorney General Ignores Shoddy KB Home Repairs

Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi’s settlement with KB Home excludes 1/2 of  the Carriage Lake WPTV KB Home AG Settlementneighborhood with an arbitrary cutoff date – even though the Attorney General’s office knew that repairs to stucco were incorrect. Though the settlement sounds impressive, at $71 million, SEC filings indicated KB Home recouped $61 million from suing subcontractors and still has many lawsuits pending.  WPTV news….  

Today the Sink Fell Out of My KB Home!

101_2096The kitchen sink fell out of my KB Home last night! That never happened before!  Sure the roof leaked from day one, and the walls leaked, the plumbing burst inside the walls, but this was a first.   

Does KB Home Discriminate Against Minority Employees?

discriminationHostile Work Environment.  Retaliation.  Disparate Treatment.  Charges may stand against KB Home the U.S. District Court in Texas has ruled. In this discrimination lawsuit, African American sales personnel say they had to work twice as hard as white counterparts and still made less money.  “Plaintiffs allege that KB Home employees told  them they were assigned to the lower income communities because they “did not fit the demographic’” of the higher income communities.  kbhomediscriminationsuit

KB Home Booms – While Home Owners Suck on Lemons!

KBLEMONKB Home is on a roll – building in over forty locations in Florida.  Meanwhile, houses continue to leak and re-leak all over the state.  Florida consumers seem to be on their own, holding the bag for defective structures, loss of value, stigma.  It’s a nightmare of epic proportions.  State Agencies keep passing the buck.  KB Homes Suck?  No!  You Suck on Some Lemons – Mr. Consumer.    read more…

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