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  1. Hi just saw your message. Sounds like you are way out of warranty if built in 2001. And I think the roof is warranted for a shorter time than structural items anyway. Could be just the age of the roof or might be missing flashing but if this has just started recently it could just be age. You should have a roofer look and tell you what’s wrong. Roofs only have a life of 10 – 20 years depending on what type of roof you have. You don’t want to let your roof leak – it can cause all kinds of damage or mold. Good luck

  2. I live in a KB home neighborhood in Corona Ca. 92882. These homes were built and completed in 2001. We love our home but my roof leeks when it rains. I have 2 upstairs bedrooms that water will get the ceilings wet during hard rains. The home is out of warranty but I’m finding out a lot of other homeowners in my neighborhood also have roofs that leak getting ceilings or walls wet and discolored. Is there anything we can do or is it our problems to be repaired at our own expense at this point ?

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