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Aug 292013

not welcome

KB Home sues anyone who maligns their good reputation.  These two towns say they are more like notorious.    Wolf at the Door? KB Home coming to Montgomery County  – “Your board will have to ask itself what will happen if you let a builder with a known bad reputation build in your county.” Montgomery Sentinel, 2006,    KB Home faces fight over large housing project in Scotts Valley 2006 Valley Business Journal – “So strong is Mayor Agular’s aversion to KB…” I am very distraught that they have come back to us.  …when we get down to K & B, says Councilman Barrett. “Their reputation precedes them and we are not real happy with their reputation.  They built homes in Scotts Valley before, and we had a ton of problems with them.  I can’t say if they’ve changed their ways, but it definitely makes us wary. 

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