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May 012014

KBLEMONKB Home is on a roll – building in over forty locations in Florida.  Meanwhile, houses continue to leak and re-leak all over the state.  Florida consumers seem to be on their own, holding the bag for defective structures, loss of value, stigma.  It’s a nightmare of epic proportions.  State Agencies keep passing the buck.  KB Homes Suck?  No!  You Suck on Some Lemons – Mr. Consumer.    read more…

Aug 052013

kbhomessuckpixForbes Magazine did a survey of the top corporate hate websites, and number one was KB Homes Sucks.  That name is gone.  It was owned by KB Home along with many others.  The website, TheKBHome once compiled this list of domains owned by KBHome.  Today, they show the owner as an internet registrant company.  Did KB Home wise up and stop making it easy to see what they were buying?  Names like dontbuyakbhome, avoidkbhome, kblawsuit, kbclassactionlawsuit.  All I know is you can’t own them.  They are taken. kbhome-domains