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Hurricane Could Rip Apart a KB Home. How Quickly We Forget.


  Arvida’s Country Walk subdivision after Hurricane Andrew. 1992 Hurricane Andrew

           So many of the construction defects found in KB Homes mirror the Country Walk subdivision in Miami.   Country Walk was devastated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.   Are we doomed to see this kind of tragedy again when a big storm comes barreling through Florida?  Where are the regulators?

         Country Walk was far from the storm’s strongest winds, 30 miles inland, but the failure rate in this poorly built neighborhood was 90%.   It was so awful that a grand jury convened, trying for months to find criminal charges that could be brought against the builder Arvida Corporation.  Arvida, being owned by Disney, of course wasn’t going to suffer criminal charges, and it appears that KB Home has the same kind of immunity in our state.  How quickly we forget (and forgive if it’s a big corporation).

        The engineer’s reports from Willowbrook Condo in Manatee County read almost exactly like the grand jury report in Miami.  Shoddy construction, poor quality inspections by the county building departments, and the lack of connectors that held the houses together were missing.  In both complexes, KB Home Willowbrook, and Arvida Country Walk,  the bolts, screws, and straps,  were found missing or not attached correctly.  And you can see for yourself the devastation left in the wake of a massive storm like Andrew.  this could result in loss of life and higher insurance rates for everyone in the future.

       Highlights of Hurricane Andrew Grand Jury



 And don’t expect anything rational out of this guy.  He’s fighting demons none of us understands.


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