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Public Citizen answers KB Home – Internet Suppression Suit


nofreespeechPublic Citizen, the Washington D.C. Consumer Advocacy Group, has answered the federal suit filed by KB Home.

KB Home is suing Andrew Smith in Federal Court, alleging that his website “cyber squatted” ,  was used to profit, and disparaged the good name of KB Home.  Trademark infringement and  conspiracy were also alleged.  Some of the allegations seem silly – like “Letter Writing Campaign” (who knew that wasn’t legal?).  Some of the allegations are viscous – and could ruin a career, like “hacking”.  Smith says he never hacked, and he wasn’t named in that charge, others were, but then, low and behold, KB Home changed the “hacking” to – OR BROKE INTO A TRAILER I’ve been told.  Did anyone call the police?    (I haven’t heard that they did).  It appears there are no actual printed emails (as far as I hear) – but a KB Home subcontractor who by the way was suing Smith for libel (MC_Docket (6)) because he  published a  public record of  one their employees – is the same company that was approached with some purported “hacked/or stolen” emails.  This could cost a fortune to defend.  It could sure shut you up no matter how much you had been wronged.

Video NBC News Tampa – Mr. Levy talks about KB Home

Paul Levy Public Citizen

Paul Levy of D.C. Consumer Advocate Group,
Public Citizen, Speaks to NBC News Tampa

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Original Suit




cybersquatter kb homePaul Levy of Public Citizen asks – Who is the Real Cybersquatter? 

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kb home takes homeowner to federal court


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kb home sues homeowners


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