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Who’s Afraid of Attorney General Pam Bondi? Not KB Home!

I'll huff & I'll puff & I'll investigate you

I’ll huff & I’ll puff & I’ll investigate you

A year under investigation, and KB Home still won’t play by the rules.  I don’t think Pam Bondi is scaring this big bad corporation any!  KB is under investigation for building, knowingly selling, and refusing to fix defective homes (over 1,000).  They have recently been caught fixing houses without permits and using unlicensed contractors, calling inspectors from 547 miles away in Georgia to sign off on work in Florida.  Sub-contractors they are suing are still working in our neighborhood.  And who’s doing all this mold remediation all over the state with just one licensed person at the company (according to the company) when law says that a licensed person must be present on site to supervise the unlicensed?  There are houses re-leaking months after repairs.  All this while the company knows they are under investigation – It’s all over the news. No secrete.

This all occurred  after refusing to fix houses at all for nine years.  There are whistle blowers saying, “homes were built with life threateningly dangerous defects that could cause loss of life or property & KB Home knew but sold them anyway!”

Pam Bondi Endorsed by FL Home Builder AssociationIs that a surprise?  No!  This announcement is from  her own website.

Why doesn’t an active investigation of KB Home show up on Pam Bondi’s site?  UPDATE – the page of active investigations sort of disappeared.  There is a page that says active investigations, but most appear to be older settled investigations and  1-4 years old.  Oh well.   Still don’t see any mention of KB Home.   A criminal investigation does not have to be public, but the AG office says repeatedly, this is not criminal.

Nine years, these houses leaked, and defaulted and re-leaked.  A little contractor would have been run out of town long ago.  Of course this is nothing compared to banks destroying the world economy and nothing being done.  All in our own back yard.   Who’s scared of who?  Noboby!  Nobody is scared!


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