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Jan 142014

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Who do I contact to inquire about repairs to my house?

  •  For homeowners in the Tampa area, you may call KB HOME at 813-387-9600 or send an email to TampaClaims@kbhome.com
  •  For homeowners in the Orlando area, you may call KB HOME at 1-800-305-2246 or send an email to OrlandoCustomerService@kbhome.com
  •  For homeowners in the Jacksonville area, you may call KB HOME at 904-596-6690 or send an email to kbjaxcustserv@kbhome.com
  •  If your home is located outside of these regions, contact the closest region above for repairs.
  • If you disagree with KB HOME’s assessment of your eligibility for repairs under the Final Judgment or the extent of the repairs, then you may contact Bonded Builders at 866-323-6170 or KBHClaims@BondedBuilders.com
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